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Exploring Dingle Peninsula: Your Ultimate Guide

Discover the iconic spots in Dingle that have starred in various films, adding magic and allure to the silver screen. As you explore our guide, you’ll walk in the footsteps of movie stars and see the picturesque settings that brought their stories to life. Whether you’re a film buff or a nature lover, these locations promise a spectacular blend of cinematic history and natural beauty. Join us on a cinematic journey through Dingle’s most famous film locations.

Exploring these famous filming locations not only offers a glimpse into Hollywood’s cinematic history but also allows visitors to experience the natural beauty and rugged charm of the Dingle Peninsula firsthand. Whether you’re a movie buff or simply seeking stunning scenery, these iconic spots are not to be missed during your visit to Dingle.

Trails and Sightseeing Activities


The Dingle Way

Embark on a multi-day trek along the Dingle Way, a long-distance walking route that circumnavigates the peninsula. Meander through lush valleys, ancient woodlands, and coastal cliffs, while soaking up panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Whether you tackle the entire trail or opt for shorter day hikes, the Dingle Way promises unforgettable experiences at every turn.
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Gallarus Oratory

Visiting Gallarus Oratory offers a direct connection to Ireland’s early Christian history and a glimpse into the architectural ingenuity of Ireland’s ancient builders. Its setting on the scenic Dingle Peninsula, coupled with its historical depth and spiritual resonance, makes it a profound stop.

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Inch Beach

Escape to the tranquil shores of Inch Beach, a sweeping stretch of golden sand that stretches for miles along the peninsula’s western coast. Whether you’re sunbathing, swimming, or strolling along the shoreline, Inch Beach offers the perfect setting for outdoor recreation and relaxation. Do not forget to admire the panoramic views of the mountains and sea from this idyllic coastal retreat.
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Eask Tower

Eask Tower is a distinctive stone tower overlooking Dingle Bay. Built in 1847 as a navigational aid for ships and boats approaching Dingle Bay, the tower stands on Carhoo Hill and offers panoramic views of the surrounding area. One of the main attractions of Eask Tower is the stunning 360-degree views it offers. From the top, visitors can see across Dingle Bay, the Iveragh Peninsula, and on clear days, as far as the Blasket Islands and Mount Brandon.


Dingle Lighthouse Trail

If you are looking for a nice leisurely walk, stroll down from the town towards the Skelligs Hotel and walk along the cliffs. There shortage of points of interest along the way. Firstly, you will pass a prominent tower-like structure, known as ‘Hussey’s Folly’, which was built in 1845 to provide relief work to the locals during the famine. Before you come to the lighthouse, you will pass the small but incredible, ‘Sláidín’ beach. You will then approach the Dingle Lighthouse. The lighthouse was completed in 1887 at a cost of £589, Dingle Lighthouse stands at the mouth of Dingle Harbour. The picturesque cottage adjoining the lighthouse tower has been unoccupied for over ten years.

Kilmalkedar Church

Kilmalkedar or ‘Cill Mhaoilchéadair’ as it is known in Irish is a 12th century early Christian and medieval site is rich in history and architectural interest. Kilmalkedar sits on the pilgimrage route ‘Cosán na Naomh – the Saints’ Path which brings you over the hill and onto Mount Brandon. The site at Kilmalkedar consists of many features such as Ogham stones, stone crosses, sundial stone and an alphabet stone.

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Minard Castle

Minard Castle is a striking historical ruin located in Lispole. Perched dramatically on a rocky promontory overlooking Minard Bay, Minard Castle offers a glimpse into the conflicts that shaped Ireland’s history. Its dramatic location and poignant state of ruin make it a compelling destination for those interested in Ireland’s rich past and beautiful landscapes. The castle is not accessible to the public at the moment due to safety concerns and you cannot get close to the castle, however the castle can be viewed from the beach.

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Glenteenassig Forest Park

Glenteenassig Forest Park, nestled in the scenic countryside of Castlegregory, offers a tranquil and picturesque retreat into nature. Glenteenassig is crisscrossed with well-maintained walking trails. These trails meander through the forest, alongside streams, and up to vantage points that offer panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The dense woodland provides a canopy of greenery that changes hues with the seasons, offering breathtaking views year-round. A hidden gem!